Head Lice Free Handbook

Get rid of head lice and nits using safe, quick, cheap treatments that actually work by using things you probably already have at home right now!

“This handbook will save you the time and frustration of spending hours and hours sifting through the hundreds of old wives tales trying to find a treatment or cure that actually works.”

You can find out how in less than 5 minutes.


My name is Elizabeth and I am a mother of three and author of the Head Lice Free handbook.


This handbook describes not one but three distinct methods of head lice treatment. Each of the methods I describe kills the head lice in a different way.  Each is effective and you can choose the one that suits you or the members of your family.


There are no strange or expensive ingredients to buy and you probably have the things you need at home right now.  If not, they are all readily available store items.

These methods are all very effective and most importantly do not use toxic or harmful chemicals and are safe!


In my 44 page handbook I have included full background facts and information about head lice and nits including my own photographic images and labelled diagrams.  


However, if you are desperate to get started immediately, you can dive straight into the  simple single page step by step instructions for the treatment method that suits you and your family. You could be killing nits within minutes!


This handbook is available for immediate download.

The cost of Head Lice Free is only $4.99


Yours sincerely,


Elizabeth Crawford

Author of Head Lice Free

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